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Ashaway Zymax 69 Fire White 200m Reel


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After many years of intensive development in Ashaway’s lab and on badminton courts around the world together with Ashaway we are pleased to announce the launch of Zymax Fire

Ashaway Zymax 69 Fire is a 0.69mm 21 gauge string that is produced from Ashaway’s revolutionary beta polymer raw material designed for maximum unparalleled strength, repulsion and shuttle response

Ashaway Zymax 69 Fire is a great badminton racket string that provides the ultimate strength in the Zymax Fire range. At 0.69mm it provides high power and ultimate strength with durability because of the new beta polymer

Zymax 69 Fire offers maximum tension stability resulting in a consistent reliable performance

Zymax 69 Fire is a 0.69 mm string designed specifically for players who are especially concerned about durability and string life.  Zymax 69 Fire is recommended for players at all performance levels and for use with extreme tensions and under the most demanding playing conditions

Zymax 69 Fire has superior toughness, tension stability and durability at all tensions when compared to all existing micro gauge badminton strings on the market today

Thanks to its gauge, this string is the ultimate choice for players looking to play with maximum speed and power with ultimate string strength

Due to Ashaway’s beta polymer fibres, Zymax Fire strings have much greater strength when compared to the original Zymax, and maintain their tension for far longer, allowing you to enjoy playing for much longer with the same restring

Produced from Ashaway’s revolutionary Beta Polymer raw material, Zymax Fire products are the first badminton strings to utilise this new polymer technology

All Zymax Fire strings incorporate beta fibers with Zyweave technology to provide incredible knot and loop strength resulting in optimum toughness and durability in micro gauge strings

The beta fibers provide superior strength and toughness characteristics for this micro gauge string

Zymax 69 Fire is recommended for high performance playability and usage by professional, advanced and amateur players

This string is used by many County and club players in the UK and all over the world and is becoming more popular as its reputation spreads

The original Zymax 69 string has been discontinued and replaced by this sensational new Fire series string

Beta fibers and Zyweave technology combine to provide maximum tension stability, toughness, durability, super elasticity and stiffness for optimum feel and ultimate precision

The string construction delivers sensational elasticity and dynamic stiffness resulting in excellent repulsion with ultimate strength

Zymax Fire offers maximum tension stability resulting in a consistent and reliable performance

The Zyweave core helps prevent tension loss during stringing and resting so is Ideal for players who want a power string that maintains tension, even at very high tensions

Beta polymer fibre does not just provide more strength in the weave to stop tension loss and maintain more tension but resists breakage and thus greatly helps to extend the life of the strings

The beta polymer fibre string maintains its tension throughout the string life and this negates the need to keep restringing your racket due to tension loss

The string has a braided surface for superior feel delivering an excellent level of control

The braided surface also offers superior control by biting into the cork and gripping the shuttle to aid slice

This micro gauge string gives enhanced and excellent feedback for sound resonance and provides for a more enjoyable playing experience

The string construction delivers unrivalled durability even at the very highest of string tensions

The strings also offer unrivalled a combination of repulsion and durability for a perfect playing performance

This string construction maximises shuttle speed, for optimum speed and durability, and reduces loss of tension

The tough braided wear layer on the string adds extra durability and greatly extends the string life

All this combined makes for an extremely long lasting string making it more value for your money compared to other strings on the market today

Ashaway Zymax Fire is now our best selling high performance badminton string which is now very well known and respected in the badminton community

Zymax offers top durability, top performance and top quality to all levels of play at a reasonable price

Material – Beta polymer multifilament with Zyweave core and braided surface

String gauge – 0.69mm 21G diameter

Suggested string tension – Up to 40lbs

String repulsion power – 9

String control – 9.5

String tension stability – 10

String durability – 10

String lengths available – 33 Feet 10m Set or 660 Feet 200m Reel

String colours available – White or orange


Ashaway was founded in 1824 and has been manufacturing quality products for almost 200 years

Ashaway world class racket strings are used by many of the world’s club, county and full time professional players

Ashaway is the only United States manufacturer of racket strings

Ashaway stands alone in meeting the stringing needs of badminton, squash, racketball and tennis players

The Ashaway brand is a market leader in technology and as one of the world’s leading racket brands has distributors in all corners of the globe

Ashaway is an icon on and off the court, capturing a lifestyle synonymous with the brand’s legacy and the players that made it famous

The durable and control oriented response of Ashaway strings have revolutionised all racket sports for decades

Ashaway is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of performance strings for racket sports. The world’s best players trust Ashaway strings in their biggest matches and most memorable moments

As one of the leading strings brands on the market today, Ashaway products are ideal no matter whether you’re an amateur sport player seeking better racket performance or a professional looking to seriously sharpen your game

Ashaway strings are manufactured from a wide range of strong and durable materials including nylon, polyester, polyamide, Kevlar, Zymax and more, and most of them are constructed with a mono filament design, which means they can deliver a durable and reliable performance

Some Ashaway strings will help a player increase the power generated from their racket, while others will allow them to have more control. Strings that give you more control allow you to be more accurate and deliver the ball or shuttle right where you want it to go

Not only is choosing the right string important, but making sure to use the right tension when putting the strings in is also important to getting the maximum playability out of the strings themselves

Browse our range of Ashaway strings, they are suitable for players of all standards. Be it for power, control or durability………. Ashaway have the perfect string for you

Ashaway offer sets, reels and hybrid sets to help you pick the ideal string for your needs

Ashaway supplies strings for all playing styles and abilities, for powerful players and for power/control players. It has a full range of strings and gauges to suit all styles of play. To summarise Ashaway has a string for every type of player and budget

The durability and optimum playability with Ashaway makes it a dependable choice for top tournament players and chronic string breakers

Ashaway has built its reputation by offering products at the forefront of technology. It has been supplying equipment to generations of champions in all racket sports who have won the most prestigious competitions around the world