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The new Aero Star Padel Racket has been designed for advanced and professional players who are seeking increased control and power.

The super-premium 16K Carbon construction with premium Carbon allows for maximum consistency and performance in all shots. The Tri-Clamp reinforcement provides stability for increased control and reduced drag for increased swing speeds and power in attacking shots. The exclusive Power Holes drilled hole pattern generates additional power on attacking shots and Hyper Gryp textured finish generates additional spin for more penetrating shots.

Infinergy by BASF is a super elastic lightweight material which is applied in the frame construction at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, generating additional power with extra feel on impact due to the elasticity and vibration dampening properties of the Infinergy material.


Weight 355g
Head Shape Diamond
Player Level Advanced/Pro
Frame 38mm
Surface Texture Moulded Texture
Balance Even