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Forza Aero X10 Padel Ball Racket


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Introducing the Forza Aero X10 Padel Ball Racket, a top-choice racket for great players seeking perfect control and power on the padel court. With its head light and round shape design, complemented by the 3D printed surface for optimal control, this racket offers easy handling and swift movements. The hard EVA foam allows players to generate power in their shots, making it a top-notch paddle racket for skilled players.

Key Features:
– Designed for great players seeking control and power
– Head light and round shape design for easy handling and control
– 3D printed surface for optimized control during play
– X-PROTECTION for extra frame protection
– X-SPIN for enhanced ball grab and spin creation
– Hard EVA foam for fast and accurate touch
– 100% graphite construction for excellent playability
– Black color design
– Approx. weight: 365 +/- 10g
– Material: 100% Carbon.