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Forza FZ 65 Power String 200m Reel


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200M STRING REEL: The 200m reel is a popular choice among badminton enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its generous length, it provides the convenience of stringing multiple rackets without the need for frequent replacements. This economical option not only saves time but also ensures that you always have a fresh set of strings at hand.POLYAMIDE FIBER CORE: The high tensile polyamide fibre core is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the power of your shots. This advanced material offers superior elasticity and resilience, allowing for explosive smashes and powerful drives. With this string, you can unleash your full potential on the court, delivering impactful shots that leave your opponents in awe.GOOD PERFORMANCE: Good playability is a crucial aspect of any badminton racket string. It refers to how the string responds to your shots, providing a comfortable and responsive feel. The right string can greatly improve your control, accuracy, and manoeuvrability. With a string that offers excellent playability, you can confidently execute your shots with precision and finesse.POWER AND RESILIENCE: In the fast-paced game of badminton, power and resilience are essential. A string with superior power ensures that your shots have the necessary force to penetrate your opponent’s defences. Additionally, resilience is vital in maintaining the string’s tension and performance over time. Strings with superior power and resilience allow you to consistently deliver powerful shots throughout your game.0.64MM GAUGE: The gauge of a badminton racket string refers to its thickness. The 0.64mm gauge is a popular choice for players who seek a balance between durability and playability. This gauge provides adequate strength and longevity while still offering a responsive feel. With the 0.64mm gauge, you can enjoy a string that withstands the rigours of intense gameplay without compromising on performance.SPECIFICATIONS:Type: Rackets StringMaterial: Polyamide FibreSize: 200mGauge: 0.64mmColour: WhiteFeatures: Superior Power & ResilienceWHAT’S INCLUDED: 1x Forza FZ 65 Power Badminton Racket String White Reel – 200m