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The Li-Ning AxForce 80 5U badminton racket is a supremely lightweight, speed style racket that still promises to pack a punch. The AxForce 80 incorporates top-of-the-line Li-Ning technology and combines a head heavy balance with a slim 6.6 mm medium flex shaft for easier power generation.

The AxForce 80 is endorsed by Olympic Champion Chen Long as well as Srikanth Kidambi and Pusarla Venkata Sindhu.


TB-Nano – Designed for improved power transfer, nanometer technology binds carbon-fiber and resin more tightly, allowing grater stability, elasticity and durability.

UHB Shaft – Combining cutting-edge scientific and technological achievemnets with the measured data of players, the ergonomic principle is used to continuously adjust the performance of the shaft to improve its bending point and smash performance.

Wing Stabiliser – Aviation technology that stabilises frame vibration to improve comfort, control and racket recovery.

Hot Melt – The resin distributed more uniformly and closely combined with the carbon fibre by using the Hot Melt. It improves the strength and provides the same excellent using experience.

Cubic Locking – Cubic grommet locked within the slim groove is more stable and could provide extra protection for string, effectively absorb shock to get an accurate placement, improve controlling performance.

Stabilised Torsion Angle – STA improves the torsion resistance performance of the racket, stabilising the frame quickly even when hitting away from the sweet-point. This helps to create high-quality strikes, making your attack more effective.

HDF Shock Absorption System – High-tech light shock-absorption materials filled in racket frames, improving smash performance and avoiding injuries from movements. HDF shock-absorption materials, are developed by using advanced technology, with strong capabilities of shock absorption to reduce the load to the wrist and arm.