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The Li-Ning BladeX 500 4U badminton racket features a head light balance and is geared towards intermediate to advanced level players who like to counter attack from the mid and front court. This racket is focussed on speed, featuring high repulsion, low drag frame that comes into it’s own as you step up the court.


Aero Tec-Beam System – Based on aerodynamics, support of advanced calculation and gathering practising data, the racket frame has an extremely low drag coefficient and high intensity to provide maximum speed and improve players’ performance in various shots.

TB-Nano – Designed for improved power transfer, nanometer technology binds carbon-fiber and resin more tightly, allowing grater stability, elasticity and durability.

Dynamic-Optimum Frame – This unique head-design, enlarges the sweet-spot of the racket. It allows for more consistent and higher hitting velocity, without sacrificing durability.

Hot Melt – The resin distributed more uniformly and closely combined with the carbon fibre by using the Hot Melt. It improves the strength and provides the same excellent using experience.

HDF Shock Absorption System – High-tech light shock-absorption materials filled in racket frames, improving smash performance and avoiding injuries. HDF shock-absorption materials, are developed by using advanced technology, with strong capabilities of shock absorption to reduce the load to the wrist and arm.