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Victor DriveX 10 Metallic B Badminton Racket 3U


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Shop for the DX-10 Metallic blue racket that is designed for an unparalleled handling feel. With the Metallic Carbon Shaft, Free Core Technology, and Anti-torque spiral frame, the racket delivers seamless and unrestricted access to power, speed, and control.

Buy the 2023 DriveX 10 metallic racket today and enhance your game with precision!

DriveX 10 Specifications:

  • Frame Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY + Nano Fortify TR
  • Shaft Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.6 SHAFT METALLIC CARBON SHAFT
  • Headshape: Isometric
  • Flex:

  • Weight:  3U
  • Grip Size: G5
  • Max. String Ten.: 3U (29 lbs)
  • String: Unstrung