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The Victor Thruster Ryuga Metallic C 3U Badminton Racket continues the attacking prowess of the TK-Ryuga Family.

TK-RYUGA METALLIC is engineered with innovative Metallic Carbon Fibre technology on the racket frame, delivering a unique blend of elasticity and sturdy handling to enhance every aggressive shot. Designed with a blend of black and deep red colourways, adorned with dragon elements, this is a masterpiece that combines fierceness and aesthetics.

The combination of Metallic Carbon Fibre technology and a wooden handle merges the elasticity of the former with the clear hitting experience features of the latter, unleashing explosive smashes and superb attacks on the court!

As the newly appointed racket of Lee Zii Jia, TK-RYUGA METALLIC is engineered with Metallic Carbon Fibre technology. This enhancement showcases the advantage of powerful offense and precise control, boosting Lee’s attack on the court.

TK-RYUGA METALLIC features a heavier head, providing me more powerful and robust attacks, and I love the dragon motif design a lot.” – Lee Zii Jia

Power Box – The box shaped design effectively increases the stability and anti-torque to allow the frame to support higher tensions.

Pyrofil – Pyrofil carbon fibre and it’s composites, are advanced high performance materials from Japan. The characteristic of high intensity, ultra-light bonds offers excellent racket shock absorption and enhances control.

Hard Cored Technology –  Inspired by military helicopters, multi-layered structure made by carbon fiber and composites, minimises material sizes and reinforces handling performance.