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Energetic, talented, magical, and unique are just a few adjectives that describe Tai Tzu Ying. Not one word can easily define her. In the world of badminton, Tai has set numerous records, establishing an irreplaceable position for herself on and off the court.

The new Tai Tzu Ying Collection is themed around “Infinite”, symbolizing Tai’s indefinable and boundless influence. Dominated by white and magical purple, accentuated with royal gold detailing, and infused with Y2K-inspired linear elements, this collection features a badminton racket, badminton shoes, bags, apparel, and a headband. Tai’s motto, “Believe in Yourself,” can also be seen throughout the collection.

Born in 2018, THRUSTER F C which this model has been based on has been the racket of choice for many badminton players and further reached its peak when TK-F C Enhanced Edition was launched. Now the TK-TTY Racket Receives an Upgrade with Power Ring, The TK-TTY, Tai Tzu Ying exclusive racket, inherits the precise attacking attributes of its predecessor, equipped with the FREE CORE technology and the Anti-Torsion System. Additionally, Power Ring technology is integrated to enhance attacking capabilities and power transmission.

The TK-TTY Enhanced Edition inherits the three main features of the second generation: the [ANTI-TORSION] that comes with a stable and elastic slim shaft, the[TRI-FORMATION] that enables the frame to make each swing smoother, and a unique shape of the racket head that creates a larger and longer sweet spot to concentrate the force and enable direct and comfortable hitting experience.

The TK-TTY is engineered with the well-received [FREE CORE] synthetic handle technology to highlight its incredible performance with an excellent elasticity and comfortable handling experience; the [REBOUND SHIELD] that incorporates the highly durable glass fiber into the multi-layered frame reinforces the elasticity and feedback when hitting; the shaft, which is like the “core muscle” of the racket, is upgraded to a 6.5mm anti-torsion slim shaft with [ANTI-TORSION] technology, which is 4 times stronger and offers a more direct hitting feedback to enable stable and accurate attack.

The latest TK-TTY embodies the essence of the efforts made by the R&D team for the past two years. Both of its balance point and swing weight are lighter than the first generation of TK-F, thus further delivering a more comfortable hitting experience. What’s more, the elastic racket frame and stronger shaft make the change of direction smoother, which helps achieve accurate and powerful smashes and incredible controllability. Fully upgraded inside and out, The TK-F is going to help you make more aggressive attacks and fight for victory!

Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL
Headshape: isometric Weight: abt. 87 g (4U)
Grip size: G5 Balance: Head heavy ○●○○○ Head light

Stiff ○●○○○ Flexible

Max. String Ten.: abt. 31lbs / 14 kg
String: unstrung Extra: Hard-Cored Technology, Anti-Torsion System, Tri-Formation, Rebound-Shield, Free-Core, PYROFIL